Letter to the HOA


August 13, 2015

Trustees of the Legends Home Owners Association

Re:       Modification of 27th hole of the Legends Golf Course to Allow for Villa Homes

Dear Trustees:

As we have discussed at various times over the past several months, the Country Club at the Legends is proposing to modify the 27th hole of the Legends golf course. This modification would: (1) shorten the 27th hole from a par 5 to a par 4, (2) allow construction of 18 villa lots in the area where the existing cart barn, maintenance shed, and 27th green are currently located, and (3) provide for a new cart barn and maintenance facility (located in the parking area of the Country Club). We believe that this project will be a major benefit to both the Country Club and the Legends Subdivision, and we are requesting that you provide approval for the development to move forward.

Before going into more detail on the project, we want to state clearly that we understand and acknowledge that we cannot take this action without the approval of the homeowner’s association of the Legends Subdivision. We are writing this letter, and providing the enclosed documentation in order to gain your approval.

The owners of the Legends Country Club believe strongly that the golf course is an integral part of the Legends subdivision, and we feel that we have worked hard to re-establish a strong relationship between the Legends Subdivision and the Club. Most of the members are residents of the Legends subdivision, and have a vested interest in its success. We also understand that in the past there have been different development proposals put forward by prior owners of the club, and that these caused many problems for our entire area.

We believe this project is different, for the following reasons:

  • The project is small in size, it is 6.61 acres.
  • No new villa homes will directly back to any homes on the course
  • The nearest existing house is 155’ away from the nearest villa back yard.
  • No golf holes are removed, the 27th hole changes from a par 5 to a par 4
  • The villa homes would be built on the area where the cart barn, maintenance shed, and current 27th green are located. Removal of the old buildings is a plus for Legends (these existing facilities are substandard).
  • The maintenance shed and cart barn will be replaced with a new expanded facility to be located in the current parking area of the Legends Golf Course.
  • The new development would provide new members to the club (due to proximity to the club), and additional homes to pay into the Legends Master Association.

We have enclosed a survey and corresponding legal descriptions of the area that we propose for development, several sample front elevations of proposed units in the development, as well as an overview picture which shows the overall placement location, and key tie in distances of this plan. The units that would be built in this area would be villas, and would be designed to be maintenance free and to have heavy interaction with the Legends Golf Course.

We are specifically requesting that you amend the indentures to allow this plan to be developed on the Legends Golf Course (in the areas indicated) and that you allow the villa homes in this area to have a minimum home size of 1,500 sf on the main level.

We appreciate your time reviewing and considering approval of this project that we believe would continue to stabilize and improve the club’s operations, and enhance the surrounding Legends Subdivision. We ask that you review the enclosed materials and contact us if you have any questions. If everything looks in order, we would appreciate your scheduling of an appropriate vote to allow for amendment of the Legends indentures to allow this project to move forward.


Matt Iovaldi