Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to anticipate questions you may have about the project and we've listed those below. If you have a question not shown below, please feel free to contact us HERE and we'll do our best to answer your question.


There will be a meeting set by the HOA in which homeowners will get one vote per household for the development to be approved. There must be 2/3 majority at the meeting for the change to the amendment to pass.

Proxy votes will be available by the HOA to ensure homeowners who can't attend the meeting can still vote on this issue.

This land sale will provide funding for vital improvements to the Legends Country Club. As a homeowner in a golf community, property values are affected by the success of the golf course.

The 6.61 acre land sale amount is $550,000. The new cart barn build will cost approximately $250,000. The rebuild of the golf course green and beautification will cost approximately $50,000-$75,000 on hole #27. The entire remaining funds will be used solely for clubhouse improvements, irrigation projects, and golf course equipment. All (100%) of funds will be used for club improvement projects and cash operating reserves.

Yes, the minimum square footage for a one-story dwelling is 2,000 sq. feet. This will be met and most units will have an option to finish basement areas, adding additional square footage. There will also be exterior options such as patios, screened porches, and deck structures. (The original letter to the HOA may have noted less than 2,000 square feet. Obviously, the original letter can't be changed to reflect this. THE SQUARE FOOTAGE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE MET OR EXCEEDED.) ALL HOA REQUIREMENTS WILL BE MET. IF THERE IS A QUESTION ABOUT A SPECIFIC INDENTURE, PLEASE ASK A SPECIFIC QUESTION. THE WEBSITE IS MEANT FOR GENERAL INFORMATION. THE LEGENDS CC AND THE BUILDER WILL DO OUR BEST TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS THAT ARISE DURING THIS PROCESS.

The Grounds Committee did extensive and thorough research on four different locations for the cart barn (including the existing site). The construction of this 5000 square ft. facility would incur basically the same costs in each of the areas, each with their own particular challenges due to access, terrain, etc... Additionally, there will actually be a cost savings by not putting the cart barn in the existing location because the developer is funding the demolition cost of the existing structures.


The builder will be bound by the construction agreements previously agreed upon by the city and HOA. The HOA will be paid $1,000 per structure ($18,000 total) to offset any wear and tear done to the parkway. Any specific damages that occur during the construction process will be paid by the builder. This is the standard agreement that has been used by other builders, such as in the Palisades.

The city officials will determine if a stop sign will be added at the Parkway/Meramec View Drive. It is under the city jurisdiction to implement road signs and it has been suggested an additional stop sign at this intersection may help with current speeding issues at this curve in the road.

Everything possible will be done in the interest of keeping the golf course open and functioning, so as not to inconvenience members. The current timeline, if the project is approved on June 7th, will place the moving off the green and tee boxes in the late Fall. This would lessen the impact of regular course play and ideally, the utilities and street could be added during as much of the off-season as possible.

The grounds committee looked extensively at all feasible locations for the cart barn. The cart barn will be located at the East end of the parking lot near the current tunnel for the driving range. The cart barn will be naturally recessed from the road in this location and there are plans in place to landscape and beautify the building to fit into the club environment.

The builder and engineers have designed the storm detention area to be not only adequate, but surpass the drainage needs for this project. The detention area will be attractively landscaped and become a feature of the golf course. Detention areas do not retain water for long periods of time as their function is to hold the water as it drains off in a controlled manner. There was a creek area along Fairway Oaks that has been addressed by the golf course superintendent to correct and beautify the drainage area that is on the course.

This amendment basically remove the specific 6 acres being developed from the golf course restriction. It does not allow or set any legal precedent for future development. The contract (Restrictions Agreeement) stays intact and any future development proposal would have to go through the same process we are going through now.